Morphosis Treatment Line Restructure





If the hair is very damaged, a deep reconstruction intervention is required: only particularly concentrated active ingredients can do that.


Prompt action must be taken with an intensive treatment for professional use.




Regenerates the damaged hair in its every part

It restores the hair's thickness, softness, brightness and combing ease, it works on the hair's texture, even right after a colour treatment, thanks to the acidic pH of the products, it treats hair with the utmost effectiveness and professionalism




Marine Collagen

which fills the most damaged areas of the hair and helps restore its elasticity and combing ease.


Hyaluronic acid

which helps the hair recover hydration and vigour.


Pearl Extract

which repairs the hair from the inside and makes it compact and shiny.


This service can be completed every 15 days on in particularly damaged hair, but often it is best to undertake the service with your regular appointments to get the most out of it.


This service lasts up to 6 weeks but can be extended by using the Restructure retail products which can be found in the Morphosis Treatment Line.


Service Cost: £10.00




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